Yellow-Silver | 100% Meta-Aramid

(4 Certificates)

Flame Retardant – Reflective tape

Key features: 50X60°C Domestic washes, Flame Retardant, Perforated

Certifications: EN 20471, EN 469, Oeko-tex 100

The XM-7010P reflective tape is a Yellow-Silver FR tape made of meta-aramid and perforated for better breathability. It offers inherent flame retardant protection proven by EN 469 certificate. Micro-holes allow more air circulation and easier sweat evacuation, helping to keep the body from overheating. It can be sewn on firefighter uniform or FR clothing.

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This reflective material is a textile fabric coated with a layer of resin with numerous glass micro-lenses impregnated into this layer with a special adhesive. Light is reflected from these micro-lenses and bounces back to a car (or other light sources), making the person wearing reflective tape more visible in the dark. Increased visibility helps save our lives.

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Check out our Certifications for this Reflective tape:​

XM-7010P: Technical datasheet

XM-7010P: EN 20471, EN 469, EN15384 (50×60°C)

Oeko-Tex 100 Standard (scan QR for full info)

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New Oeko-tex 100 Certificate for XMS reflective tapes

EN 469 & EN 20471 for Perforated reflective tape XM-7010P

This reflective tape has been tested and certified after the following number of wash cycles:

  • 50×60°C wash EN 20471
  • 50×60°C wash EN 469
  • 30x dry clean EN 20471, EN 469

XM-7010P Care Instructions

Wash: Machine Wash Hot, 60°C

Bleach: Do not bleach

Dry: Tumble Dry Low

Dry-clean: Dry clean, PCE (Petroleum Solvent) only

Iron: Iron at low temperature, 110°C
Keep in cool dry place, with no direct sunlight
FR-clothing or HighVis clothing with this reflective tape should be washed and cleaned by the above recommendations.
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