Flame Retardant Cotton Polyester Fabrics

XM FireLine Flame Retardant fabrics FR Cotton-Polyester are a collection of protective fabrics made from an 80% Cotton and 20% Polyester blend with flame retardant finishing. These fabrics are ideal for a wide range of industries, including transportation of oil and gas, petrochemical, and utilities companies.

Our FR Cotton-Polyester fabrics are made with high-quality cotton, enhanced by the addition of polyester and antistatic yarn. This combination ensures that these fabrics have the qualities of natural fibers, such as durability and tear resistance, as well as the benefits of polyester, including better colorfastness. The FR Cotton-Polyester blend is strong, comfortable, and versatile, offering the comfort of natural fibers with the added strength of artificial fibers.

Through a chemical treatment process, the blended fabric becomes flame retardant. Additionally, extra finishing makes these fabrics resistant to water, rain, alkali, acids, oil, and grease. Our FR Cotton-Polyester fabrics are certified according to Oekotex standard 100, guaranteeing that they are safe for wearers.

To provide further protection, our FR Cotton-Polyester fabrics contain high-quality Belltron carbon antistatic yarn. This embedded yarn ensures that wearers are shielded from static electricity sparks, which can be dangerous in explosive environments such as refineries or oil terminals.

Clothing made from our XM FireLine FR Cotton-Polyester fabrics offers multi-risk protection, safeguarding workers against hazards including flash fire, electric arc, chemical splashes, rain, and electrostatic discharge (ESD).

Our FR Cotton-Polyester fabrics have been internationally certified to meet main European standards. We have conducted extensive testing for each fabric in reputable laboratories such as BTTG (UK), AITEX (Spain).

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