Heat transfer Reflective tapes EN 20471

XM Silverline offers heat transfer reflective tapes that provide excellent retro-reflectivity. These tapes can easily be applied to any workwear or uniform using either a thermo-press or a simple iron.

Our heat transfer reflective tapes are versatile and can be used on various items, including EN 20471 vests, other high visibility clothing, corporate wear, and personal protective equipment. They are designed to enhance visibility and safety, ensuring that wearers remain visible in low-light conditions.

Whether you need to comply with safety regulations, outfit your employees with high visibility gear, or simply want to incorporate reflective elements into your corporate wear, XM Silverline’s heat transfer reflective tapes are an efficient and convenient solution. With their easy application and exceptional retro-reflectivity, these tapes provide an added level of safety and visibility for various work environments.

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