XM Textiles  is an international company established in 2002 and has specialised in developing and designing of fabrics and accessories for workwear, uniforms and protective clothing.

Every day, the multinational and multilingual XM Textiles  team provides our customers with first class fabrics along with excellent service worldwide.
Customer needs is our priority and it is very important to understand that each local market has its own specific demands.

That is why XM Textiles  as 100% customer-oriented company has its representative offices located in China, U.K., Lithuania, Russia, and Brazil.
Years of experience, high competence and knowledge of international textile industry is our strong base to meet the requirements of every customer.


Our clients are workwear manufacturers and textiles trading companies from all over the world. Nowadays, we supply fabrics to Europe, Central Asia, Middle East, South and North America and Africa. With a global reach we keep a personal approach to you and to each our customer.








Due to many years of cooperation, our clients keep choosing XM Textiles fabrics because of our efficient multilingual client service, strict quality control of each manufacturing lot and our adherence to the terms of delivery. Thanks to a large product range, XM Textiles can offer different types of workwear fabrics, such as, Polyester fabrics (Oxford, Taffeta etc), Pure Cotton fabrics (Twill, Drill, Sarja etc), Poly-cotton (TC 65/35, TC 80/20 etc),  Сotton rich fabrics (CVC 80/20 etc) and fabrics with special properties. 

This gives you, as a manufacturer of workwear, more competitive power in business. With XM Textiles fabrics you can cover all your needs from very basic workwear to advanced Anti-Static work clothes for Oil industry or uniforms made for rent, which endure industrial wash at 75°C.


Providing workwear manufacturing companies with the versatile range of quality fabrics for workwear is the main goal of XM Textiles. We have developed our own three-stage system of quality control and our ten-point standard of textile quality approval. We demand different requirements from different types of fabrics, but we keep a consistent approach of controlling the quality for all our products. Thus, you can be sure that quality of our fabrics is proved.

Please refer to the Quality webpage for more information.


XM Textiles is represented by a group of companies located in China, Europe and South America. Nowadays, our clients can not only order fabrics from China, but also purchase directly from our European warehouse in Lithuania or place an order through our South-American office in Brazil. Our aim is to be closer to our customers and open up new markets. That is why we have broadened our company network of offices.


XM Textiles has created two innovative brands, namely XM FireLine and XM SilverLine.

XM Fireline is a brand created to meet the needs for fabrics with special characteristics, such as flame-retardant (FR) fabrics, antistatic fabrics, oil- and water-repellent fabrics, acid-repellent fabrics. FR-fabrics are used for the clothes of industrial workers (especially Welders), who works in the risk of fire or electric arc. FR-fabrics are also widely used in mining industries, especially in Oil & Gas. Army, Police, Emergency and First-responders, Firefighters, they are all also use FR-fabrics, which in fact saving their lives.

All XM FireLine fabrics have international certificates (ISO 11611, ASTM 1959, NFPA 2112). More details about the full range of our Flame-Retardant fabrics you can find on our web-site www.XMFireLine.com

XM SilverLine is a brand dedicated to reflective materials. Reflective tapes and trims are used to make the worker more visible and more safe. It is proved that using of reflective tapes in industrial workwear increases safety at work, as well as using high-visibility clothes with reflective stripes on roads decrease the number of road accidents.

All XM SilverLine reflective tapes and trims were tested in third-party laboratories. Flame-Retardant range of reflective tapes were certified according to NFPA 2112 or EN 469. Normal reflective tapes were tested to EN 471/EN20471. More details about the full range of our Flame-Retardant Reflective tapes and trims and non-FR Reflective materials you can find on our web-site www.XMSilverLine.com


XM Textiles is your ‘one-stop shop’ where you can find different types of fabric for workwear, uniform and protective clothing. Polyester fabrics, Poly-Cotton fabrics, Cotton fabrics, Stretch fabrics, Beaver fabrics, Anti-Static fabrics – we have them all in stock.
We control quality of each manufactured lot of fabric and due to our optimised logistics our quality/price ratio is better than many of our competitors.
Please have a look at our broad range of fabrics, make your order and start saving today!

XM Textiles workwear fabrics range consists of 12 groups:

1. POLY-COTTON fabrics for Light uniform | Lux, Kellner, Forma | 115-165gsm
2. POLY-COTTON fabrics for basic workwear | Protec, Canvas | 195-320gsm
3. POLY-COTTON fabrics for basic workwear | Optima, Unitec | 190-240 gsm
4. POLY-COTTON fabrics for basic workwear | Profi | 230-265 gsm
5.POLY-COTTON fabrics for budget workwear | Eco | 210-245 gsm
6. POLY-COTTON stretch fabrics | Flex, Forma Stretch, Protec Stretch | 155-240 gsm
7. COTTON fabrics for comfort workwear | Builder, Mechanic | 240-300 gsm
8. POLYESTER fabrics for lightweight uniform, aprons & lining | Taffeta, Minimatt | 50-160 gsm
9. POLYESTER water resistant fabrics for rain jackets, tents & bags | Oxford | 110-250 gsm
10. POLY stretch fabric Alba | (softshell type) for outdoor clothing | 300 gsm
11. POLY fleece fabrics for jackets, pullovers & lining | 180-350 gsm
12. ANTISTATIC fabrics (ESD) for cleanroom & car-painting clothing (CleanStatic) | 110-240 gsm