Strong and Reliable: fabrics & accessories for workwear that meet International Standards

XM Textiles

Fabrics for Workwear and TechWear

Our Oeko-tex certified fabrics are a popular choice of many customers in Europe.

We offer Natural fabrics for comfortable uniform wear, Polyester fabrics for functional techwear and PolyCotton made for lasting workwear.

XM FireLine

Flame Retardant fabrics for FR-clothing

Good quality and reasonable price are made a good reputation for FireLine fabrics in Europe. All our Flame Retardant fabrics are EN ISO 11612 certified. This helps to our clients make Protective and FR clothing with our fabrics.

FireLine fabrics resists 50/100 Industrial washes and give longer life cycle for FR clothing.

We test every production lot for Flame Resistance to guarantee FR properties of FireLine fabrics.

XM SilverLine

Reflective tape for Hi-Vis Clothing

Durable reflective tapes SilverLine are known for 50 wash resistance.

Wide variety of reflective tapes gives to our customers create unique design for their Hi- Vis clothing. Sew-on or Heat transfer tapes are also available in Flame Retardant quality.

Our EN 20471 & EN 469 certified reflective tapes are for CE-confirmed Protective and Firefighters uniform.

Fabrics & Accessories for Workwear that meet International Standards

We add several new products to our range every year. Our managers are always pass a feedback from the clients to our Marketing department. These wishes are then added to the plan of new developments and often we are able to produce a sample within several months. Further development of new product includes rigorous testing in our own lab and followed by certification in AITEX or other lab.

Our brands are trusted by our clients in Europe and in the world.
XM Textiles develop new fabrics to meet clients’ demands for better and safer workwear.

Maksim Ivanov, Managing Director

We grow our brands to bring more value to our customers. For that, we have invested heavily in annual testing and certification. Our reliable partners are the leading testing labs such as AITEX, BTTG, SATRA and SGS. Our goal is to offer only certified products to let you easily use our fabrics for your Hi-Vis or FR-clothing with full CE-confirmation.

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