For those who are looking for professional high-quality 100% cotton fabrics, stretch or antistatic fabrics for uniform, blended fabrics with nylon or polyester We offer High variety of different colors and weight types.

You can find fabrics the different types of climate in the best combination of durability, colorfastness, tensile strength and comfort of wearing.

We believe that social responsibility is a key factor of successful development of any business that’s why we pay high attention to the ecological compatibility of our fabrics. Zero formaldehyde level and required pH norm.

All XM Textiles fabrics have been certified to Oeko-Tex 100.

Choosing XM Textiles fabrics you get workwear fabric for the safety and comfort to wear clothing. Be sure, your employers will work better with XM Textiles. We give you extra protection against Alkali, Acids and Water (Rain).

XM Textiles. Basic Workwear and Uniform Fabrics

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