The quality of workwear fabrics is formed during all steps of its making, starting from spinning raw fibres into yarn to finishing a woven fabric. Yarn production, weaving a greige fabric, dyeing it (adding colour) and adding extra finishes (like Water Repellency or Oil-proof properties) – all these main stapes are very complex processes. Therefore, the task of quality enhancement can be accomplished only by a thorough and regular control system of each manufacturing step.


XM Textiles™ has developed and used the following three stages quality control system for workwear fabrics:

The 1-st stage includes control of early steps of workwear fabric production, namely:

1.1 Greige fabric examination

1.2 Inspection the colour of the fabric after dyeing and its additional finishes (like WR, Oil-proof etc.)

At the 2-nd stage, XM Textiles™ examines the finished workwear fabric. According to common standards, our experts inspect not less than 10% of total production lots.

XM Textiles applies the “Ten Points” method of fabric quality control (QC), which is similar to the American system “Four Points”. Our QC-managers assigns a certain amount of points to each defect according to its kind and size. After that, we calculate the total amount of points per roll and conclude its quality.

At the 3-d stage samples of workwear fabric are tested in our lab according to ISO standards. We have modern equipment and use it to test the following parameters:

  1. Shrinkage
  2. Colour fastness to washing, wet and dry rubbing
  3. Tearing strength
  4. Tensile strength
  5. Colour matching
  6. Water repellency properties (for PU-coating or WR-finish for workwear fabrics for raincoats etc.)

Other parameters we test in internationally certified labs (STR, SGS, AITEX(Spain), BTTG (UK) etc.):

  1. Colour fastness to light
  2. Formaldehyde content
  3. AZO content
  4. Shrinkage of workwear fabric for industrial washes (ISO 15797) etc.

Beside this Quality Control System (QCS), in 2015 our workwear fabrics have been certified to Oekotex Standard 100 by Testex AG (Switzerland). Since then, Testex AG has been testing our fabrics and renewing Oekotex-100 certificate every year. You can look at our last Oekotex certificate on this page.

We are focused on delivering workwear fabric to our clients, which is safe to wear and free from harmful substances. We also think that the OEKO-TEX® certificate is a must-have for all eco-conscious workwear manufactures.

Buy XM Textiles™ OEKO-TEX® workwear fabrics to make workwear healthier!