Sewing threads

For industries that require workwear and techwear with flame-resistant properties, XM Textiles offers a range of high-quality flame-resistant or non-flame-resistant sewing threads. These threads are specially designed to withstand high temperatures and provide an extra layer of protection in hazardous environments.

Our sewing threads are made using advanced techniques that involve wrapping a thin layer of Aramid fiber with an outer layer of fiber. This combination creates a strong and durable thread that can withstand the heat and flames typically encountered in industrial settings.

Key Features:

1. Flame Resistance: Our sewing threads are specifically engineered to resist flames, making them well-suited for workwear and techwear applications where fire hazards exist. This feature ensures that the threads do not ignite or contribute to the spread of flames in the event of an accident.

2. Durability: The Aramid fiber core provides excellent strength and durability, ensuring that the threads can withstand repeated use and the rigors of industrial environments. This makes them ideal for workwear and techwear that is subject to frequent washing, abrasion, and wear.

3. Heat Resistance: The combination of materials used in our sewing threads gives them exceptional heat resistance. They can withstand high temperatures without melting, degrading, or compromising their structural integrity, offering extended protection to the wearer.

4. Versatility: Our flame-resistant sewing threads are suitable for various applications, including garments, accessories, and equipment in industries such as welding, construction, oil and gas, and electrical work, among others. Whether you need flame-resistant stitching for workwear, protective gear, or technical garments, our threads are up to the task.

5. Compliance: XM Textiles’ flame-resistant sewing threads meet international safety standards and regulations, ensuring that they provide reliable flame resistance and peace of mind to manufacturers, workers, and end-users. Our products are rigorously tested and certified to ensure their performance and compliance.

Trust XM Textiles to provide you with the highest qualitysewing threads for your industrial needs.

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