Silver | 100% Polyester

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Heat transfer – Reflective tape

Key features: 100X60°C Domestic washes, Segmented, Heat transfer

Certifications: EN 20471, Oeko-tex 100

XM-6007C Pro is an improved version of our XM-6007C reflective tape. This is the first segmented tape that can withstand 100 washes.

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The XM-6007C Pro reflective tape has been developed to increase the maximum wash resistance of HiVis clothing. The tape is segmented, which makes it more flexible. Better elasticity gives the wearer more freedom of movement and better comfort.

The increased durability of the tape allows for a longer life cycle of HiVis garments and better efficiency of their use.

The performance of XM-6007C Pro goes hand in hand with its durability, providing high reflectivity after dozens of washes. The initial reflectivity of the tape is very high for a segmented tape, R=465 cd/lx*m2, and after 50 washes it is still relatively high, R=170 cd/lx*m2.

This reflective tape is particularly useful when applied to soft-shell jackets or trousers. As the soft shell fabric stretches, the XM-6007C Pro tape easily stretches with the fabric. The tape can be heat pressed or ironed onto EN 20471 vests, jackets and trousers to increase worker visibility.

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Check out our Certifications for this Reflective tape:​

XM-6007C Pro: Technical datasheet

XM-6007C Pro: EN 20471 (100×60°C)

Oeko-Tex 100 Standard (scan QR for full info)

Certificate of Compliance ANSI 107 (50x60C)

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XM-6007C Pro resists 100 washes

XM-6007C Pro resists 100 washes

This reflective tape has been tested and certified after the following number of wash cycles:

  • 100×60°C wash EN 20471

Wash: Machine Wash Warm, 40°C

Bleach: Do not bleach

Dry: Tumble Dry Low

Dry-clean: Do not dry clean

Iron: Iron at Low temperature, 110°C
Keep in cool dry place, with no direct sunlight
FR-clothing or HighVis clothing with this reflective tape should be washed and cleaned by the above recommendations.
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