300gsm | 80% Cotton, 19% Polyester, 1% AS| Twill 2/2

(6 Certificates)

Flame Retardant fabric

Poseidon 300 is a high quality poly-cotton fabric with high content of cotton, improved by addition of polyester and antistatic yarn. It is developed for workers of Oil and Gas industries and it suits well both for rig-chiefs jackets and trousers and for oil-pipeline workers uniforms.

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The fabric with modern 2/2 twill weave is very comfortable to wear, has much better then pure cotton tear resistance and has excellent antistatic properties. An optional Multi-Risk treatment, makes it water repellent and also resistant to the influence of acids, alkali, grease and oil. This fr-fabric protects from Heat & Flame, Electric Arc and has Multi-Risk protection. Poseidon-300 is certified according to ISO 13034, ISO 11611, ISO 11612, EN 1149-5. The testing for this standards has been done in AITEX (Spain) and BTTG (UK) labs.

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Key features: Industrial wash, Flame Retardant, Antistatic

Certifications: ISO 11611, ISO 11612, EN 1149, EN 61482, EN 13034, ISO 15797, Oeko-tex 100

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Oeko-Tex 100 Standard

Poseidon-300: Technical datasheet

Poseidon-300: EN 61482-1-1 (5×60°C)

Poseidon-300: EN ISO 15797 (100×75°C)

Poseidon-300: EN 13034 (5×60°C)

Poseidon-300: EN 1149 (5×60°C)

Poseidon-300: EN 11611 (Class 1) (50×75°C)

Poseidon-300: EN 11612 (A1, A2, B1, C1, E3, F1) (50×75°C)

Poseidon-300 EN 20471 (5×60°C)

Poseidon-300: EN 11612 (A1, A2) 100x75C certificate



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