XM SilverLine’s reflective tapes received new certificates EN 20471

Alicante, ES – Q1, 2023 – XM SilverLine is proud to announce that new certifications for reflective tapes XM-6005B Pro, XM-6007C and XM-6023 are done in the AITEX lab (Spain). 

XM-6005B PRO AntiFray

XM-6007C HTS

XM-6023-TT Grosgrain

XM-6023TT (Yellow-silver grosgrain Reflective Ribbon), XM-6005B Pro (Silver Reflective tape) and XM-6007C (Heat transfer Reflective tape) with superior retro-reflective performance are best suited for EN 20471 vests, jackets, pants etc.

The certification is another milestone in our development of reflective tapes with enhanced comfort for Workers, First responders and Industrial workers.

EN 20471 certification involved several tests, for retro-reflective performance as new and after different test exposures like Abrasion, Flexing, Folding at cold temperatures, Rainfall, Domestic washing (35×60°C for XM-6023TT, 50×60°C for XM-6007C, 30 dry cleans for XM-6007C), Xenon light.

Now we can say XM-6023TT, XM-6005B Pro, XM-6007C have reached high level of durability and performance to PASS the certification and go to the clients.

The XM-6023-TT, XM-6005B Pro, XM-6007C reflective tapes ared designed for road and industrial workers. We hope our clients appreciate its style and comfort.

More information about the tape you can find on special page.

XM-6005B PRO: EN 20471 (30 dry washing cycles)

XM-6007C: EN 20471 (50×60°C)

XM-6023-TT: EN 20471 (35×60°C)

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