7 fr-fabrics tested for flame resistance after 100 industrial washes (ISO 15797)

In 2022-2023, fr-fabrics XM FireLine™ have been tested for 100 industrial washes.

The testing was done in Aitex lab (Spain) to confirm that our Flame Retardant fabrics keep FR properties after a hundred wash cycles.

We have chosen 7 (seven) most popular fr-fabrics from our range and washed them 100 times at 75°C by ISO 15797 and tested for Vertical burn test ISO 15025.

All seven fr-fabrics have successfully passed the test.

XM FireLine™ fabrics are made with durable FR treatment, that keep flame resistance during the whole life cycle of fr-clothing. Our fr-fabrics are used in 51 countries for fr-clothing of Oil and Gas workers, Utility workers, Welders and others. To guarantee the quality of our fr-fabrics and durability of their FR properties, we regularly make such a testing for a hundred washes. The same testing we did in 2018 and as 4 years have already passed we made an update.

Following fr-fabrics have been tested:

All tested fr-fabrics have kept Flame Resistance properties after 100 (one hundred) industrial wash cycles at 75°C, ISO 15797. Washing has been performed at 75°C as per ISO 15797 industrial wash standard. After that, the fr-fabrics have been tested for Edge ignition (Method A) and for Surface ignition (Method B) by Vertical burn test ISO 15025. ISO 15025 is a test method what is used as a part of EN ISO 11612 and EN ISO 11611 standards for Protective clothing against Heat and Flame.

Flame resistance properties of tested fr-fabrics are complied to the requirements of the standard. No flaming to top or side edge of the fabric occurs, as well as no post after-flame or after-glow, which is perfectly met the norm EN ISO 11612 (as per ISO 15025).

Try the quality of our flame retardant fabrics, order your free catalog and free sample now! You can buy XM FireLine™ fr-fabrics through our offices or from our distributors in Europe, South and North America, Africa, Australia and Asia.

More information about XM FireLine fr-fabrics you can find here.

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