Silver | 85% Nylon, 15% Spandex

(1 Certificate)

Colour Reflective tape

Key features: 25X60°C Domestic washes, 4-way stretch

Certifications: Oeko-tex 100

It significantly increases the wearer’s visibility during the day and at night. Reflective piping has also become a trendy accessory that actually makes our lives safer. It is available in many different colours.

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This reflective material is a polyester fabric coated with a layer of resin containing numerous glass micro-lenses impregnated with a special adhesive. The light is reflected by these micro-lenses and bounces back to a car (or other light source), making the person wearing the reflective tape more visible in the dark.

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Check out our Certifications for this Reflective tape:​

XM-6032A: Technical datasheet

Oeko-Tex 100 Standard

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New Oeko-tex 100 Certificate for XMS reflective tapes

XM-6032A Reflective stretch piping: for children and sports

This reflective tape has been tested after the following number of wash cycles:

  1. 60°C wash

XM-6032A Care Instructions

Wash: Machine Wash Hot, 60°C

Bleach: Do not bleach

Dry: Tumble Dry Low

Dry-clean: Do not dry clean

Iron: >Do not use iron
Keep in cool dry place, with no direct sunlight
FR-clothing or HighVis clothing with this reflective tape should be washed and cleaned by the above recommendations.
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