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Colour – Reflective tape

Key features: Hi-Viz

Certifications: None

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Lime-Yellow or other colour Vinyl (PVC) reflective tape uses prismatic technology to enhance reflectivity in wet conditions. Numerous microprisms are safely protected under the layer of polymeric film, what allows for workers to be more visible under the rain. This trim can be cleaned from dirt or oil simply by wiping it with a cloth. Recommended to sew on reflective vests of road workers and road police jackets/pants.

Check out our Certifications for this Reflective tape:​

XM-6500: Technical datasheet

This reflective tape has been tested after the following number of wash cycles:

Home Wash at 40°C
XM-6500 Care Instructions

Wash: Home Wash, 40°C

Bleach: Do not bleach

Dry: Tumble Dry Low

Dry-clean: Do not dry clean

Iron: >Do not use iron
Keep in cool dry place, with no direct sunlight
FR-clothing or HighVis clothing with this reflective tape should be washed and cleaned by the above recommendations.

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