330gsm | 99% Cotton, 1% AS | Twill 3/1

(4 Certificates)

Flame Retardant fabric

Key features: Flame retardant, Antistatic, Industrial wash, Oeko-Tex 100

Certifications: ISO 11612, ISO 11611, EN 1149, EN 61482-1-2

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The new Corfu FR-fabric is structurally very similar to Madeira, but slightly heavier. Entry level fr-fabric is oriented for who wants to start own FR-program.

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Corfu-330 is not intended for industrial washing and it has lower tear strength, than Madeira-320.
Corfu has the best price for flame retardant fabric and in full conformance to EN ISO 11612, 11611, EN 61482. The certification made in AITEX lab.

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Corfu-330: Technical datasheet

Oeko-Tex 100 Standard

Corfu-330: EN 11612 (A1, A2, B1, C1, E3, F1) (5×60°C)

Corfu-330: EN 11611 (Class 1) (5×60°C)

Corfu-330: EN 1149 (5×60°C)

Corfu-330: EN 61482-1-1 (5×60°C)


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