420gsm | 100% Cotton | Satin 4/1

(4 Certificates)

Flame Retardant fabric

Key features: Flame retardant, Industrial wash, Oeko-Tex 100

Certifications: ISO 11612, ISO 11611 (class 2), EN 61482

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Gefest-420 flame retardant protective fabric is purposed for professional welders clothing in different areas such as Machinery, Metallurgy, Oil and Gas Pipeline construction, Automotive etc.

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Satin weave of Gefest is extremely useful in protective overalls, bibs or aprons of welders and other workers letting molten metal drops go off easily from the smooth surface of the fabric.
Made of natural fibers it is comfort to wear and at the same time Gefest-420 protects from risks of Flash Fire and Electric Arc. With an excellent ATPV parameter (20 cal/cm2), Gefest-420 may reach the requirements of HRC level 3 (25 cal/cm2) with the use of additional flame retardant underwear.

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Check out our certificates

Gefest-420: Technical datasheet

Gefest-420: EN 61482-1-1 (5×60°C)

Gefest-420: EN 11611 (Class 1) (5×60°C)

Gefest-420: EN 11612 (A1, B1, C1, E3, F1) (5×60°C)

Gefest-420: EN ISO 15797 (100×75°C)

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