XM SilverLine’s sites renovation

Compliance with modern requirements is an important task for any business.

We at XM Textiles understand that. That’s why we decided to start renovating our outdated sites. The update begins from the English language XM SilverLine website:

  • We use new opportunities to create website.
  • Site became more convenient visually.
  • The information on site is updated more conveniently located.
  • Now each certificate has its own separate page with information about the standard and date of issue. You can download it directly from the page.
  • Many other innovations that you can find on the pages of the site.
  • The web-address remains the same – xmsilverline.com

Please, see the site’s pages. If you find the mistake, write to us by email or contact form.

You can still contact our managers, order or ask for a sample of reflective tapes here.

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