Appeal to all partners of the company.

Dear partners, since the 24th of February 2022 Ukraine has been in an incredibly painful situation as a result of the Russian military invasion

Millions of people of all ages have witnessed how their lives have changed dramatically in a matter of hours, they were forced to run, hide and endure cold, hunger and fear. Forced to break away from everything they knew before, these people need help from all of us.

That is why we, the XM Textiles team, turn to our partners to lend a helping hand together to all those who have suffered from the hostilities in Ukraine.

For its part, XM Textiles contributes money to the Red Cross aid fund in Romania and Lithuania, from which the fund will provide legal and psychological assistance, purchase medicines, basic necessities for children (powdered milk, diapers, clothes), as well as other materials or items, necessary for the victims of this war.

In Romania, we provide 2 tons (about 5,000 meters) of fleece free of charge, and work with our customers to provide tailor-made warm blankets and deliver them to refugee accommodations.

For all our clients who want to make a monetary donation, we provide you below with the details of the Red Cross in Romania and Lithuania:
Luiza Mihoci, tel. 0744.929.101, [email protected];
Linė Skirpstė, +370 684 88456, [email protected]

We encourage everyone to donate blood for those in need.

We oppose any military action and believe that all conflicts should be resolved through diplomacy and negotiations.

XM Textiles team

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