GABRIELA Workwear fabric

270gsm | 100% Polyester | TPU 8'000/1'000

This is a Hi-tech fabric with wind-proof, water proof and at the same time high breathable properties.
Gabriela fabric consist of three layers: outer layer is polyester pongee with water resistant finish. This is a soft and at the same time durable fabric that protects from rain and snow. The middle layer is TPU material with high waterproof and breathable properties. The inner layer is made of polyester fleece which serves as an excellent thermal insulator. The fabric is very comfortable to wear due to its softness. It is also withstand to wind and rain, so it looks like and functions like Soft-Shell fabric. Thus Gabriela fabric is the perfect choice for autumn and winter clothing, which is used by people spending a long time outdoor in the cold and wet conditions. Recommended for sport clothing like jackets for trecking, hunting, walking and other outdoor activities.

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