ALOVA Workwear fabric

195gsm | 100% Polyester | TPU 4’000/1’000
 is 100% polyester material with a membrane. It has good waterproof and windproof characteristics and it is very durable.

The unique properties of Alova allow to produce comfortable outwear with long lasting protection against wind, rain, snow, low temperatures and at the same time ensure normal thermoregulation of the body.

Alova is used as fabric for jackets and pants for outdoor activites life hiking, hunting, fishing etc.

TPU Membrane – is a layer of synthetic material (polyurethane) applied to the inner surface of the fabric, jacket or trousers. The higher the membrane values the better
Alova membrane characteristics are 4000 (Waterproofness) /1000(Moisture Vapour Transfer Rate).

Alova advantages:

• TPU membrane 4’000/1’000
• great wind protection;
• good water resistance;
• basic breathability;
• high durability;
• comfortable to wear;


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