CLEANSTATIC-180 TC Antistatic Workwear fabric

180gsm | 65% Polyester, 33% Cotton, 2% Antistatic | Twill 2/1
CleanStatic-180 TC is our new Antistatic fabric. It is made with 65% Polyester, 33% Cotton and 2% Antistatic carbon fibers.
This Antistatic fabric have twill weave and addition of Belltron antistatic yarn gridlocked in the surface of fabric, which makes it safe for use in Electronic components manufacturing and similar industries where ESD effect can destroy electronic components. To prevent Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) sparks, antistatic fibers safely discharge static electricity eliminating the risk of destroying of electronic microschemes. CleanStatic-180 is designed for antistatic clothing for CleanRooms.

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