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270gsm | 100% Polyester | TPU 8’000/1’000  

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Workwear fabric

Key features: wind-proof, waterproof and high breathability properties, Oeko-Tex 100



This is a Hi-tech fabric with good wind-proof, waterproof and high breathability properties. Gabriela fabric consists of three layers: The outer layer is a polyester pongee with a water-resistant finish. This is a soft and at the same time durable fabric that protects from rain and snow. The middle layer is the TPU membrane with high waterproof and breathability features. The inner layer is a polyester fleece which serves as an excellent thermal insulator. Gabriela is very comfortable to wear due to its soft texture. The fabric also withstands wind and rain, thus, working like Softshell. Gabriela is a perfect choice for autumn and winter clothing. The choice for people, who spend a lot of time outdoors. Recommended for sports clothing like jackets for hiking, hunting, walking and other open-air activities.

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Gabriela: Technical datasheet

Oeko-Tex 100 Standard

XM Textiles updated OEKO-TEX 100 Certificate

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