HUNTER Workwear fabric

165gsm | 100% Polyester | TPU 4’000/1’000

Hunter is a pure polyester fabric with a camouflage pattern and membrane coating. Its unique properties provide protection against wind, rain, snow, low temperatures and secure natural thermoregulation of the body. Hunter is comfortable to wear, easy to wash. Hunter fabric is used for jackets and suits for hunters, fishers, tourists.

Hunter uses TPU Membrane – it is a layer of special polyurethane attached to the inner surface of the fabric, which resists water and takes air from the environment. The higher the values – the better is the membrane.   Hunter membrane characteristics are 4000 (Waterproofness) /1000(Moisture Vapour Transfer Rate).

Hunter advantages:

• good wind protection;

• high moisture repellent properties of the surface;

• good insulation properties;

• comfortable to wear;

• high tear resistance;

• soft, velvety surface (fabric doesn’t rustle)