235gsm | 65% Polyester, 35% Cotton | Rip-Stop

Workwear fabric

Presenting FORTIS-235 – the latest breakthrough in workwear fabric developed by XM Textiles. With cutting-edge material technologies and inventive composition, FORTIS-235 seamlessly fits into the demanding needs of the modern workforce.

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Weighing at a functional 235 gsm, FORTIS-235 offers a sweet spot between breathability and durability required in toughest of work environments. The fabric’s composition comprising 65% polyester and 35% cotton combines the superior strength, longevity, and quick-drying attributes of polyester with the breathability, softness, and comfort of cotton. The unique rip-stop weave of FORTIS-235 enhances its durability and resistance to tearing, fraying and ripping, ensuring long-lasting wear. This key feature distinguishes FORTIS-235 from regular workwear fabrics and allows it to withstand the rigors of daily strenuous activities.
As a member of XM Textile’s ‘Stretch Fabrics’ category, FORTIS-235 provides an element of flexibility and a comfortable fit that perfectly adapts to the wearer’s motion. This makes the fabric highly suitable for outfits requiring range of movement – be it heavy-duty workwear trousers or activity-intensive uniforms.
Available in a range of professional colors – Black #1, Dark navy #22, and Khaki #23-25, FORTIS-235 offers aesthetic versatility that pairs well with varied workplace aesthetics. In a nutshell, FORTIS-235 is an exceptional blend of function, comfort, and style, truly living up to its name as a robust material for the next-generation workwear.

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Key features: tear resistant

Certifications: Oeko-tex 100

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Oeko-Tex 100 Standard

FORTIS-235: Technical datasheet

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