A+A 2019 – Thank you, for visiting XM Textiles!

Dear Clients!

We would like to thank you for visiting us on our stand and for your interest in XM Textiles and our products.

We believe that you had an interesting and useful visit to the A+A 2019 Exhibition benefitting from lots of new impressions, ideas and conversations.

Following on from our meeting if you have any questions about our products or our company please get in contact us.

We will be glad to help you at any time.

Here please find a brief reminder of what we presented at A+A 2019:

 range of flame retardant fabrics have got new developments:

  • FR-PIQUE-230 is a knitted modacrylic blend with cotton and antistatic yarn. It is light, comfortable and flame retardant. Modern pique design looks very stylish on FR-clothing and allows more air circulation.
  • FR-JERSEY-160, FR-JERSEY-200 and FR-JERSEYC-200 are used for fr base layer (FR underwear). These fr underwear as a part of flame retardant garments guarantees complete protection for employees.
  • MURANO-250 and MURANO-300 are a modacrylic fabrics for fr-clothing. Made with modacrylic-cotton blend fabrics have inherently flame retardant composition, include nylon for more durability and antistatic fibers to avoid static electricity.

In a range of basic fabrics for workwear, has developed a new series Polyester, Polycotton and Cotton fabrics for Workwear:

  • DIAMOND-310 is a cotton rich fabric that combines durability of regular TC fabrics and breathable properties of natural cotton fabrics. This versatile fabric is recommended in use for summer and winter uniform and work wear. The thermal midlayer boasts an intelligent thermo-regulation, due to its diamond-structured fabric. To keep you warm and dry at all times.
  • SIGNAL-155 is a heavier analogue of Signal-125 fabric. Signal-155 is a polyester fabric specially created for Hi-Visible reflecting vests and for light workwear with high visibility properties. It provides better safety at work conditions due to its bright colours either Orange Hi-Vis or Lemon Hi-Vis. It is light, soft and quick-drying material. EN 471 certified.
  • SHERPA FLEECE-380 is a modern fabric that imitates faux fur. This fabric is named so because of its similarity with the outerwear of the Sherpa people living in Southeast Asia. Sherpa has good heat-retaining properties and high durability. It is used in the manufacture of warm clothes (winter insulated jackets, shoes, coats, etc.).
  • UNITEC-240 is a high quality polyester cotton twill fabric suitable for winter and summer uniform. It is widely used for making workwear jackets, trousers and overalls.

has expanded the range of its reflective tapes:

  • XM-8000 SERIES (of 10 reflective tapes) are actually PU films developed for use on FR-clothing, they made with Reflective micro-beads and Flame Retardant substance with high durable properties. There are several designs of these Reflective films have been created.

Another great news is that XM SilverLine™ reflective tapes, XM FireLine™ flame retardant fabrics and XM Textiles™ fabrics for Workwear and TechWear have been certified to Oeko-Tex STANDARD 100 (Class III Safety) in Testex AG (Swiss Textile Testing Institute).

With best regards.
XM Textiles’ team

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