XM Textiles updated OEKO-TEX 100 Certificate

July 2021, XM Textiles fabrics have updated OEKO-TEX 100 certificate.
This certification is valid only for 12 months and we renew it every year.
The cost of testing is 1’699 CHF (€ 1’571) and it is one of our many investments in Quality.

The product range of Workwear fabrics and Flame Retardant fabrics, which have been tested to Oeko-tex covers almost all our fabric range with the following composition:

Woven fabrics made of 100%CO, PES/CO. CO/CF (with anti-static function), CO/PA, PES/CO/CF (with antistatic function), piece-dyed and finished (incl. oil- and water- repellent finishing), or finished with flame retardant products accepted by OEKO-TEX®: woven fabric made of 100%PES. 100%PA, PES/EL. white, piece-dyed (disperse and acid) and finished, or woven fabric made of 100%PES, transfer printed (disperse) and finished, all with PAN coating: undyed, piece-dyed and dope-dyed (PES incl. fluorescent colours) knitted fabrics incl. fleece made of 100%PES. PES/CO. PES/CV. 100%MAC. MAC/CO. MAC/CV, MAC/CO/PES. 100%PP. PP/PES. with or without spandex(EL) and with or without antistatic: dyed woven/knitted bonded fabric made of PES. PES/EL with or without PU. TPU. PTFE membrane laminated (based on materials precertified according to STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®)

The certificate BEWO 084394 is valid until 15.08.2022

Buy XM Textiles™  OEKO-TEX® workwear fabrics to sell your work clothing with OEKO-TEX® label.

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