HYDRA-255 Antistatic Workwear fabric

255gsm | 80% Cotton, 19% Polyester, 1% Antistatic | Twill 3/1

Hydra is a 255 gsm cotton blend fabric with an addition of antistatic yarn. Hydra consists of 80% quality long-staple cotton and 19% polyester. Antistatiс metal threads imparted into the fabric form an antistatic grid with a step of 0.8 cm. Classic 3/1 twill weave.

Hydra is a high-quality poly-cotton fabric with a high content of cotton, improved by the addition of polyester and antistatic yarn, specially developed for use in Gas Station uniforms. The fabric with classic 3/1 twill weave is very comfortable to wear, has much better then pure cotton tear resistance and has excellent antistatic properties. All these facts make Hydra the best choice for petrol/gas-connected workwear.

The fabric is also available with an optional Multi-risk treatment, which makes it water repellent and resistant to the influence of acids, grease and oil. EN 1149 (Electrostatic properties) certified.