AIR MESH-177 Workwear fabric

177gsm | 100% Polyester

Air-Mesh is a high quality 100% polyester fabric. Its 3D-structure gives comfort, lightweight and style to the products. Cells of the mesh provide excellent air-ventilation. At the same time, Air-Mesh is very durable and tear-resistant. The thickness of the mesh can vary from 3 to 12 mm. The elastic resiliency rate could reach above 93% after bearing. The mesh provides comfortable permeability, shock absorption and good elastic resiliency.


1. The thin air mesh can be applied in clothing, bags, hats, shoes, baby carriages, etc.

2. The thick air mesh can be applied in mattress, automobile interior decoration, vehicle cushions, breathable shoe pads, moisture absorption and quick dry medical mattresses, cushions, etc.

3. If composite materials are combined with the mesh, it is possible to produce compartmentalized materials, constructions, soundproofing boards, etc.*

All mentioned data must be considered as indicative values only