320gsm | 99% Cotton/1% AS | Twill 3/1

(3 Certificates)

Flame Retardant fabric

Key features: Flame retardant, Antistatic, Oeko-Tex 100

Certifications: EN 11612, EN 11611, EN 1149-5, EN 20471 (Contrast)

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Madeira-320 AS is a flame-retardant cotton fabric with antistatic yarn with 320 gsm density, with a classic twill 3/1 weave.

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Madeira-320AS is an Antistatic version of our best-selling Madeira-320 pure cotton flame-retardant fabric. Madeira-320AS is a protective fabric made with antistatic yarn (1%) and cotton (99%). It can be used for welders clothing as well as for different metal processing works in heavy machinery, automotive manufacturing, etc. 

Made of natural fibre, it is comfortable to wear and at the same time Madeira-320 safely protects from the risks of flash fire and electric arc. Madeira-320AS FR-fabric is certified to EN 1149 Antistatic standard. This prevents accumulating ESD charges and make it safer to use this fabric for everyday flame-retardant workwear such as FR-pants, FR-jackets, FR-bibs, and FR-overalls.

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Madeira-320 AS: Technical datasheet

Madeira-320 AS: EN 1149 (5×60°C)

Madeira-320 AS: EN 20471 (Contrast Colours) (5×60°C)

Oeko-Tex 100 Standard

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