XM Textiles presents New Stretch Fabrics

XM Textiles Company has developed new Stretch fabrics Flex-185 and Protec-245, made of cotton/polyester with addition of PBT fibers which have  mechanical stretch properties.

These cotton/polyester twill fabrics with addition of PBT fibers which add elasticity to the fabrics.

PBT (Polybutyleneterephalate) is a texturized polyester with natural stretch similar to spandex. It is extremely resistant to chlorine, abrasion and an excellent protection against UVA rays.

The final garment made with Protec-245 Stretch or Flex-185 will not only have a longer life cycle, but will allow a great freedom of movement, molding to the body due to its high elasticity.

It is most suitable for work wear or uniform of service personnel in hotels, hospitals, restaraunts etc. (shirts, trousers, coats and tunics producing, medical scrubs).

We have already had first batch of Protec Protec-245 Stretch and Flex-185 in our European stock in Black or Navy color.

Try these new fabrics and feel new comfort.