About Us

About Us

It is all started from two people in a tiny office in an industrial zone. Our founders wanted to change the world and exactly the working world. Back then, workers were dressed in a bulky, not comfortable workwear. So, the idea was to design new, modern fabrics suitable for 21-st century workwear. And the idea turned out to be very right. XM Textiles is one of the leaders on European market in segment of fabrics for workwear and protective wear.

Now, we are a team of several hundred professionals located in Asia and Europe. Our production facilities are in China and our warehouses are in Lithuania, Romania, Italy, Poland and Kazakhstan. We have our offices and representatives in 8 countries and we continue to grow.

We are young, energetic and responsible. We deal with fabrics and work clothing, which are real things, not virtual (like IT). And working with real things means solving real problems. Our team helps you to find a solution, we always back you up!

A few words about​


Our company has been operating since 2002. It supplies products to Europe, the CIS, Africa, the Middle East, Asia, Oceania, North and South America. The production base is located in the PRC.

Offices, warehouses and representative offices of the company are located in

  • Lithuania,
  • Romania,
  • China,
  • Spain,
  • Poland,
  • Italy,
  • Hungary
  • Brazil
  • and a number of other countries.

The R&D department (R&D department responsible for the development of new fabrics) is located in Shanghai, PRC.

The quality of products is controlled by XM Textiles specialists at the following stages: production of harshness / dyeing and application of finishes / finished products. Our own logistics department organizes international transportation from production to the warehouses of our representative offices.


  • More than 20 years on the market
  • More than 6,000 active clients
  • More than 1000 commodity items
  • Modern production base
  • Offices and representative offices in more than 10 countries around the world
  • Own R&D department
  • 3-level quality control system
  • More than 100 international certificates
  • Own international logistics service
  • A multilingual team providing quality customer service.
  • Free delivery of goods within the EU


  • You will be able to earn more by attracting large corporate clients who pay special attention to product quality and brand reputation.
  • You will save your money by reducing the number of claims / complaints and returns from your customers.
  • You will save your time. Due to the well-functioning business processes in our company, you will quickly receive all the necessary information / product samples / documents / goods.
  • The purchasing process will become easier and more convenient for you, since you can purchase all the necessary products for the production of workwear from us, without the need to contact several suppliers.
  • Working with our company will allow you to make the purchasing process even more efficient due to special loyalty programs that apply to our regular customers.
  • You will be able to receive even more orders from your end customers by providing international certificates confirming the high quality of the products used. All certificates that our company has are provided absolutely free of charge upon first request.
  • For you, we can develop unique fabrics and colors that will help you stand out from your competitors and add attractiveness to your products.
  • You can optimize and save on logistics if your production sites are located in different countries or even continents. We will deliver fabric of the same color and quality to different parts of the world.

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